Why We Exist

"We're here to create a world where the majority of organizations stand for people and planet over profit."

 A letter from our founder:

How We Got Here

The world has tipped just a little too far. We’ve put too much emphasis on money, and share-holder returns. And for the last 200 years it has undermined our care for anything beyond money. We’ve come to a point where organizations have made so many poor decisions that people are suing governments to help make drastic changes, they’re protesting in the streets, and yet, it ultimately comes down to us. The next wave of entrepreneurs and leaders to change how we do business for good.

The Triple Bottom Line

The triple bottom line is a concept that says we shouldn’t just look at profit to measure success, but should also include our impact on people, and the planet. We shouldn’t make decisions for one, without considering the other two, and I would go as far to say we shouldn’t ever put profit over the others.

How We Make a Difference

If our organizations, and everyone involved are making decisions that consider people and planet first we know that we will begin to clean up what’s been damaged. Our specific role, is not only sharing this message through the work we do, but by helping thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and change makers to share their own impact message as well.

When we ultimately reach a tipping point where the majority of organizations are making decisions with a triple bottom line approach, we know that we will begin cleaning up more than we are damaging. This is how we leave a legacy for our children, and generations to come.

Let us join you. Let us help you build an audience and thought leadership to succeed in your value-based business or nonprofit and continue your leadership in your industry.


Joel Harrison

learn more about Joel’s work at https://joelmharrison.com

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Whether thought leadership and online marketing is new to you, or you just need help getting it all done. Let us help you find the best way to move forward.

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