2018 Excel Content Calendar Template


The most advanced excel template for a content calendar you’ve ever seen. Pre-formatted for 2018 and ready to go!

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Ever wanted to build a content calendar that can take a look at all your different channels from Blogging to Video, to Social media and Organization Events? This is the most advanced Content Calendar template for Excel that’s available.

You’ll be able to outline all of this is one easy to visualize and navigate calendar view:

  • Organization/Nonprofit Events
  • Industry Events/Themes
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

But the best part is that you can completely customize it to your needs because it’s just Excel. You can even take the logo out and replace it with your own and take credit for the entire thing.

The weekends and today’s date are automatically highlighted, and so is any content you enter. You’ll be sure to get more organized, see your entire content plan on one plane, and impress your colleagues at the same time.

This excel file features a set of instructions and tips to get you started filling it out to. You’ll know exactly where to start and how to utilize this template.

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