Hosted by Joel Harrison, the Creative Nonprofit Podcast takes you through new ideas, lessons, stories, and interviews on how to master communications and rally people together around your cause.

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How to Create Epic Welcome Emails – TCN009

The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 009 Subscribe on: iTunes | Stitcher I looked at 41 nonprofits, of which, only 12 had newsletters and only 1 of those sent me a welcome email. I was completely blown away, and that’s part of the reason I wanted to do this podcast...

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Nonprofit Storytelling on Social Media – TCN008

The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 008 Subscribe on: iTunes | Stitcher I’ve never felt so unprepared in my life. I’m the type to want to be really good at things and today I desperately tried not to let myself down. The triathlon I did last September, I completed...

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How to Get Exposure by Collaborating on Content TCN007

The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 007 Subscribe on: iTunes | Stitcher So you’re just starting down this journey of content and marketing for your nonprofit. It’s hard. You’re creating articles, but you don’t have much of an audience. Just how are you supposed to...

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5 Tips to Write Engaging Nonprofit Articles – TCN005

The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 005 Subscribe on: iTunes | Stitcher What are we writing articles for? Your time is so precious in a nonprofit. Is it worthwhile to write articles? Regardless if there are only a handful or there are hundreds or thousands reading...

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