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Welcome to The Creative Nonprofit podcast! I’m so excited you’re here.

I’ve been thinking about this for so long, and am thrilled to get it going. I know the power of podcasts very personally. It’s really how I got my start into marketing. I used to devour podcasts back when I was working on my music career and still working as an electrician. It not only exposed me to new ideas and career opportunities, but it changed my perception of life and started a lifelong passion for self-improvement and external impact.

That’s how I know this podcast is going to be useful. Not only to share my knowledge and knowledge of my guests, but being on this side of the mic I’m excited for selfish reasons too! It’s a whole new type of experience and interaction with people in the industry.

In this introduction episode I talk about what’s to be expected in coming episodes, what kind of format, and why content is even important for nonprofits.

Some of the links and topics mentioned in this episode:

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Talk soon,

Joel Harrison

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