The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 004

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For many of you, emails are an afterthought. Or they’re just a monthly effort to get a couple people to come back and donate. But I want it to be so much more for you.

I want you to use your email, and specifically your newsletter, to help you create your entire content and communications strategy.

And even more than that, I want you to scrap the newsletter altogether, and replace it with a magazine. That’s what this episode is all about. You can create an email magazine, using that as your core focus, and take it as a springboard to create the rest of your content.

The full list of notes from episode 4:

  • The problem with relying on social media as a main communication platform [1:03]
  • How email blends communications and content [2:20]
  • Using email as a content distribution channel [3:07]
  • The purpose of email should be consistent value, then sporadic requests [5:40]
  • How to not be scared of sending too many emails [7:00]
  • Different formats of newsletters [7:50]
  • Doing away with “newsletters” [8:17]
  • Naming Your “Newsletter” as a magazine [9:40]
  • What content to put in your email magazine [10:40]
  • The magazine format as your framework for content [11:52]
  • Linking to content instead of embedding it [12:55]
  • Branching out of your newsletter to build your content strategy [14:08]
  • Fitting in other emails outside of your newsletter [16:25]

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