The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 006

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I’m joking of course.

But when you think about your audience, and your donors as just numbers in your analytics, you’re losing out.

Each one of them is a person.

They have a relationship with your organization the same way you have a relationship with your friend from work.

The Relationship Circle is a framework I’ve developed that illustrates the intensity of relationship and trust your audience has with you, and it shows how the communications and content for them should vary.

You should design your content with keeping in mind that some people are die-hard advocates, and some are barely following you on social. It’s a big difference – and your content can leverage these levels of relationship.

Look to the bottom of this post for the graphic that illustrates the full relationship circle with labels. If you’d like to learn more about how Methodic Content applies this to our clients go here.

The Full Show Notes:

  • Donors Don’t Come Out of Thin Air, There’s Always a Path [3:14]
  • Know, Like, and Trust, How People Are Okay to Donate With You [3:37]
  • The Marketing Funnel [5:16]
  • The Relationship Circle Combines These Two Concepts [6:01]
  • The Inside Circle: Advocates [7:56]
  • The Importance of Speaking to People in Different Terms of The Relationship [10:33]
  • The Second Circle: Subscribers [10:33]
  • People can Live in Multiple Circles [13:04]
  • Trust is Built Over Time, Not at One Event [15:25]
  • The Third Circle: Followers [16:19]
  • Social Followers Know They’re Not Going to See Everything [16:57]
  • Followers Means More Than Social Media [17:47]
  • Followers Are Evaluating Whether They Jive With Your Organization [18:55]
  • The Fourth Circle: Acquaintances [21:27]
  • How Does Content Fit Into The Circle [23:22]
  • Goals of The Relationship Circle [24:05]

The Nonprofit Relationship Circle Diagram

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