The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 013

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There are more benefits to outside content contributors than just helping to keep up. Robin Rivers is the Communications Manager at The Nature Trust of British Columbia, and guides us on how she manages guest article contributors.

Nature Trust is a land conservation organization, which means they buy land with the sole purpose of protecting wildlife and their habitats. Since 1971, Nature Trust has successfully acquired and protected 175,000 acres of land within British Columbia.

Robin has worked as the Communications Manager at Nature Trust for 15 years and has been involved in significant improvements to the website including adding strong visuals, stories, articles, and great content.

One of the key aspects that has helped Nature Trust create such great content is by using the help of guest contributors. Whether they’re donors, volunteers, staff or simply community members, Robin shares her methods for getting people to contribute and how to integrate it into your nonprofit marketing strategy.

What We Talked About in This Episode:

  • Welcome and Robin Rivers background [2:01]
  • How Robin transitioned from book publishing to nonprofit work [4:00]
  • What is land conservation, and what does Nature Trust do? [5:12]
  • The nature of real estate and how they’ve acquired 175,000 acres [6:23]
  • The start of Nature Trust online and their blog [8:55]
  • Using content to encourage people to participate in their cause [11:12]
  • What the blog has been able to do for Nature Trust (share knowledge) [13:47]
  • Who contributes to the Nature Trust blog? [15:30]
  • Asking volunteers to share unique stories [16:52]
  • It’s your responsibility to ask people to write and contribute [17:30]
  • Guest contributors gives you a variety of stories and perspectives [19:30]
  • The biggest difficulty in getting people to contribute: time [21:00]
  • Don’t rely on outside contributors, especially in a content calendar [22:24]
  • How are you supposed to deal with more technical writers, like scientists? [26:07]
  • Providing guidelines to your nonprofit blog contributors [28:21]
  • How to manage your editorial calendar with outside contributors [30:37]
  • Interviews as a middle ground to guest contributors [32:00]
  • How to get started with this type of strategy [35:30]
  • Tip: Start small when asking people, then build to a larger article [37:56]
  • Find writers or articles/images that can be reused from someone else (with permission!) [40:04]
  • Sign Up: The Nature Trust Gala – October 2, 2019
  • Follow The Nature Trust on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Donate to The Nature Trust of BC
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