You never know until you ask. If you’ve been working in the nonprofit sector for a while, you’ve probably got this down.

Want to buy a product or software but don’t have money? Ask if they can help out your nonprofit.

But what’s surprising is how many businesses plan this into their products and services before you even ask. They know that you’re going to ask, so they’ve prepared an offer specifically for nonprofits.

So if you’re sending email campaigns, and paying full price, look no further than our good friends at Mailchimp. They’re of course not the only one you can use, and not the only one offering nonprofit discounts, but they are one of the main email service providers that we use at Methodic Content. I recommend them for most nonprofits because of ease of use, widely accepted integrations, the free plan and much more.

Starting at the basics, Mailchimp offers free, unrestricted email sending to a list smaller than 2000 contacts (and less than 12000 total emails per months sent). This is fantastic for small nonprofits that are just getting started with their email list. It means you don’t have to pay anything until you’ve grown your list to a point where you’re actually getting significant value from it and would be happy to pay anyways.

The Nonprofit Discount from Mailchimp

Not only do they have an excellent free tier, it’s easy-peezy to get the 15% nonprofit discount while using a paid version of Mailchimp.

As mentioned on their website, if you do a little bit of digging, you simply need to “scan and email a copy of your official 501c3 determination letter to Please use “Nonprofit Discount Request” as the subject line, and include your MailChimp username somewhere in the body of the email.” This is if you’re in the United States.

If you’re outside of the US you’ll have to follow their international instructions mentioned here which just means you can send them a link to your website instead of your 501c3 and mention “international” in your email subject line.

You do need to have your account created already of course before contacting them.

The Secure Account Discount

On top of the 15% you can get for being a nonprofit, you can also enable two-factor authentication to get an additional 10% discount. Wait, what?

Two-factor authentication is a fancy way of saying, “after you login, we’ll send a unique code to your mobile device that you’ll also have to enter before accessing your account”.

It amazes me that security means so much to them that they’re willing to forego profit if people comply with this feature. If you’re using a paid version of Mailchimp, a 10% savings is definitely enough for me to justify 5 extra seconds when I log in. This discount can actually apply to anyone, not just nonprofits.

To set this up you can just go to Account > Security, and then the easiest is the SMS authentication option which sends a text to you with the code every time you login. There are authentication apps, but it takes a little bit more work to set up.


So if we add 10% and 15% we get 25% off right? Well, Mailchimp actually applies them one after another.

As an example, if you pay $100/mo. they would apply a 15% discount bringing you to $85. Then they would apply the 10% discount to that $85, bringing you down to $76.50 for a total of 23.5% discount. It’s a funny way to do it, but it’s probably just the easiest way in their system.

Is this enough to sway you from another email service provider? Well it could be if you’re already on the fence.

And if you’re already using Mailchimp and forgot to look into this at the beginning… do it now! Even a couple of dollars a month adds up.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues too. With how easy this is, there’s no reason any nonprofit should be paying full price for Mailchimp.

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