The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 008

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I’ve never felt so unprepared in my life. I’m the type to want to be really good at things and today I desperately tried not to let myself down. The triathlon I did last September, I completed in 3hrs and 4minutes – a time I was thrilled with for a first triathlon. But the run this morning was different. Just this morning I went with a couple friends to do the Vancouver Sun Run.

In this episode I continue this story and show you exactly how you can use the key elements of a good story to guide your social media posts. So many people talk about nonprofit “storytelling” but never dive into it and apply it to social media.

Full Show Notes for this Episode:

  • The Story of How The Sun Run Went Today…Not Good [0:27]
  • The difference between a story and just plot points [8:41]
  • Storytelling elements that can be applied to social media
  • #1: Details – using specifics to engage imagination [10:20]
  • #2: Emotion – Use it, all the time, from different people’s perspectives [11:43]
  • Use a mix of positive and negative emotions
  • Some stories you share are about your constituents (external) and some are your organization (internal) [13:37]
  • #3: Showing instead of Telling: Use details and descriptive actions that help us understand what someone is feeling instead of just saying “they were sad” [13:37]
  • Showing emotion with images [14:04]
  • #4: What is the problem? [17:39]
  • #5: Dialogue, have voices from different points of view [20:17]
  • #6: Curiosity – Provide some information, then leave something out so they want to keep engaging [22:58]
  • Curiosity and teasers across social posts [25:00]
  • How TV writers get you hooked [26:00]
  • Hot to create multiple levels of stories [27:21]
  • The longest story, your mission [28:19]

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