The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 014

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What if we all stopped marketing, and started leading instead. I believe our nonprofit organizations are missing a huge opportunity in building communities of donors because we’re so focused on getting donations from them and running our programs. In this episode, I talk about how nonprofits can find a group of donors or volunteers that have a similar characteristic. Maybe it’s a hobby or a need of some kind, and if it’s a viable group, trying to cultivate it and become a leader.

By leader, I mean organizations can actually go out of their way and provide value to their donors by creating connections, educating, and entertaining their donors.

While it can start with donor persona’s, many organizations who have these are not using them in a specific enough way for them to even apply this strategy.

Throughout this episode we talk about the benefits of community building within your donors, about how to define your target group and evaluate them, and then different ways your organization can take action now.

Complete List of Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Tendency towards “Mass Marketing” [2:04]
  • People donate to their friends, not to organization [4:09]
  • The big idea here is that, this community/group, already exists [5:29]
  • The purpose of the community doesn’t have to be exactly what your organization does [7:18]
  • Book references Tribes by Seth Godin [7:54]
  • You can give people a community, not just a tax receipt [9:12]
  • The simple way to start with donor personas [9:58]
  • Find patterns and groups of people instead of mass marketing [12:40]
  • Become a leader for more than your programs and recipients, but for your donor groups [13:05]
  • Food bank example case [14:04]
  • Defining “everyone in your area” as a target is not viable for this strategy [15:11]
  • Brainstorming tasks for you to do [17:38]
  • How do you actually serve your donors? [18:12]
  • A few ideas for a food bank, home cooking group [18:40]
  • BCSPCA example of PDF download [19:35]
  • Consistently showing up, even with small things, will create value [20:58]
  • Start here with a brainstorm [22:23]
  • Pick one that is the best option in terms of positive outlook, and start [23:21]
  • Ask yourself do you have the expertise or knowledge to lead this community? Who else would? [24:33]
  • This strategy is going beyond basic content [25:43]
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