The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 012

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I’ve been scammed more than once on SEO agencies in my work history. I don’t mean they intentionally were seeking to give me nothing for my money – but you definitely need to be careful of people touting the insane benefits of SEO and how your nonprofit should jump on it.

This is the advice Google gives people – Don’t try to game the system. Don’t pay for backlinks, don’t steal content or duplicate your own, create valuable, insightful content, the best stuff will surface as top search results in Google.

This already makes you question the effort you should spend on “SEO” and what it will do for you. Over the years I’ve seen many things not work, I’ve seen a site receive a penalty from Google for bad behaviour, I’ve created targeted articles that rank frist for the keywords. However, in the nonprofit space, there are a lot of nuances, and you might not want to be spending time on SEO.

That’s the question we’re answering in this episode. “Is Search Engine Optimization Worth Your Nonprofit’s Time and Money?”

The Full Notes and Resources for this Episode:

  • It’s really easy to market your successful solution, so beware the games agencies play [2:07]
  • My experience hiring a terrible SEO agency from India (no one to blame but myself I guess) [2:50]
  • The profile page links they generated on social media sites and forums [5:01]
  • I want to share my experience so you can have an idea of what’s out there in this world [5:42]
  • Google’s Advice on SEO [6:25]
  • Black Hat, White Hat, and Grey Hat [8:43]
  • On-Page vs Off-Page SEO [9:56]
  • What is Backlinking? [11:26]
  • How do we decide if this ia  good strategy to spend time on? [13:20]
  • Are people searching for your organization type? [14:34]
  • The value of SEO strategies diminishes with the decreased chances of reaching valuable people [15:40]
  • Can you ask this question for each service or program you offer? [17:46]
  • How does SEO change locally vs globally? [18:47]
  • You’re not just competing with other nonprofits [20:17]
    Does your organization have a unique set of knowledge to share? [21:48]
  • Can you answer people’s questions that are niche? [22:23]
  • We need to balance getting specific with the decreasing potential [23:22]
  • Don’t just shoot in the dark, do keyword research [25:41]
  • Google keyword planner and Chrome plugin Keywords Everywhere [25:48]
  • 6 Things you should do for SEO even if you have no strategy [30:38]
  • How to submit your site to Google Search Console [30:42]
  • Using an SEO Plugin, Yoast [31:27]
  • Avoid duplicate content on your website [33:56]
  • Ensure content is not too short on your webpages [34:51]

Until next time!

Joel M. Harrison

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