The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 007

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So you’re just starting down this journey of content and marketing for your nonprofit. It’s hard.

You’re creating articles, but you don’t have much of an audience. Just how are you supposed to get a bigger one?

In this episode, episode number 7 (which you’re already looking at this page so I probably didn’t have to tell you) of the Creative Nonprofit Podcast I take you through my method for collaborating to create content that gains you exposure.

Why does collaboration work? It leverages the Relationship Circles of multiple people and organizations. You start cross-promoting and blending relationships with others. If you haven’t listened to episode 6, I encourage you to do that, it will help clarify the Relationship Circle before we build on that concept in this episode.

Here’s what goes down in this episode:

  • The Venn Diagram of Relationship Circles and how it benefits you [2:38]
  • Advertising is the fastest way to gain exposure in someone else’s audience, but it’s expensive [3:48]
  • Partnered content is nothing revolutionary or new, you’ve likely done it before with event sponsors [5:21]
  • Going beyond events and sponsorships [5:36]
  • Inspiring your partner companies to share about their involvement with your nonprofit [6:36]
  • Know what matters to your partners, what platforms are they on? [8:54]
  • Help your sponsors spread the word before events by giving material [10:57]
  • Creating your own content that is about your partners, which inspires them to share [13:13]
  • Advanced partnered content where both organizations are integral to the piece [15:34]
  • Partnered content can be as simple as an article, and as complex as an event, but it needs to be a win-win no matter what [18:20]
  • Using a partner to create subscription incentives (more commonly lead magnets in the business world) [19:14]
  • There is no such thing as competition, don’t rule out partnerships with other nonprofits [21:00]
  • Action Step 1: Create a List of organization you’d want to partner with for content [26:02]
  • Action Step 2: Create content as if you worked for them, making it easy for them to share [26:30]
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