Many nonprofits have a newsletter, some print, some email, but often the content from their blog does not cross over or connect, or they don’t have a blog at all.

With a few simple changes, you can create a lot more content, make it more visible and have continuity between your newsletters and your blog to get your message more visible.

Put Your Newsletter Articles on Your Blog

The easiest way to create content is to repurpose it from elsewhere. If you have an email or print newsletter, those articles should be posted on your website. This will create opportunities for your website visitors to read your content without being on your newsletter list, but will also inspire them to subscribe to your next great content through your email list.

I also suggest placing your content on a blog because it creates value for search engine optimization (SEO). This means that when people are searching for your topics on Google, there are more reasons for Google to show your website, even if they don’t type in your organization name.

The other goal of nonprofit content is to inspire word-of-mouth among your audience. When you place your newsletter articles on your website it makes them much easier to share. Most people aren’t likely to forward a newsletter to their friends, and if they do it’s likely only one or two people. If you have the article online then whoever is mentioned or excited about it (your staff, donors, recipients, volunteers, audience) will be much more likely to share it on social – reaching many many more eyeballs.

Share Your Blog Articles With Your Email List

This is basically the opposite scenario from the one above. You might have a blog, but your newsletter is completely different information, and your emails are generally to promote and ask things of your subscribers.

Your email list is the way to distribute your content, and when your content is hosted on your blog, you actually don’t have to share the entire articles in your email. This type of newsletter is seen as more of a notification newsletter as opposed to the standard print or long-form newsletter that nonprofits send every quarter or year.

If you’re creating regular blog posts, you absolutely have the responsibility to share it with the people who care about you the most. If you don’t, what is it for? This is why I always suggest nonprofits create a regular email newsletter with short excerpts of blogs and content in addition to a long-form, magazine style or print newsletter. The latter is great for quarterly updates and physically sending to older demographics, but now more than ever we need to keep top of mind with our subscribers.

A monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly email newsletter can be perfect if you have a blog with content to share. Waiting three or 6 months to hear from you is too long.

Furthermore, some of the content you will create is very timely. Perhaps it’s feedback about an event, or maybe you’re sharing an industry update that just happened. To appear relevant and on top of what’s important, you need to tell your audience within a shorter time frame.

Email newsletters are the perfect way to do that.

Schedule or Automate Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter

When you create a regular email newsletter that is based on a blog, it’s a lot easier to create your emails. Your system can be simply an employee or volunteer that copies the title, text, and images into the template and hits go. Or if your templates are set up right, you can actually automate it.

This is what I’ve done with Methodic Content. If you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll find that you get an email every Tuesday with the new content that’s been posted. That would be a lot of work to manage if it wasn’t automated.

With this approach you start to focus more on your blog content, knowing that it will get sent to your subscribers in the automated email newsletter. Make your content engaging and your newsletter will be engaging.

And, if you don’t update your blog for a week or two, the emails won’t be sent. At least that’s how it works in MailChimp. You should check with your email provider to see if this is possible.

If you’d like help setting up a newsletter template or a newsletter automation that’s based on your blog please contact me about the Email with Impact program here.

Put It All Together

This is the ultimate scenario where your content will be hosted, available, and shared to your dedicated followers:

  • Step 1: Create Great Content for Your Blog
  • Step 2: Send or Automate a Regular Newsletter to Distribute Snippets of The Articles
  • Step 3: Add The Best Blog Posts To Your Quarterly/Yearly Print Newsletter Along with Unique Pieces Designed for Print.

But you might already have some pieces in place, like a print newsletter. If that’s the case you can start by simply posting your content as blog posts, and then transition to adding an email newsletter that is designed to get people interested in consuming your content regularly.

Your website should always be the core. Get people back there to read one piece of content and they just might wander around and take another action.

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