The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 010

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Many people assume that creating content has to take a ton of effort. In fact, I think creating impactful content is largely 2 key aspects that are more internal.

And at the end of this episode I share one immediate tactic that has helped me in the past, and how it can help you (it’s not a tool, it’s a mindset hack).

When I refer to a content mindset, I’m referring to the very vague abstract concept of building a nonprofit, or even just your personal mindset, around the idea that content is a necessity, a way of operating, not just a marketing tactic. It’s something that’s woven into the fabric of the culture.

This is what we talk about in this episode:

  • What is a content mindset [1:30]
  • What happens when your content mindset flourishes [2:09]
  • The fear of publishing [4:03]
  • Afraid you don’t have anything to say? [4:11]
  • People are more afraid that they will look stupid [4:23]
  • Some people will judge you, but they’re not worth your time of day [5:18]
  • Your biggest fear should be being ignored [6:04]
  • Where does personality come from in social content? [6:52]
  • You won’t learn until you do good and bad content [8:38]
  • Applying this to your organization [9:27]
  • My struggle with fear and anxiety [10:51]
  • My stage name for music [11:50]
  • Me purposefully leaving my terrible YouTube videos up [12:36]
  • Judging yourself in terms of audience value, not how they perceive you [14:30]
  • The content mindset is about keeping content top of mind [16:23]
  • Many nonprofits are doing the opposite of what I suggest [18:33]
  • Realizing that every point in the day could be gold [19:43]
  • Tips to build a new habit [20:10]
  • Purposefully setting habit triggers [20:57]
  • Leading by example [23:26]
  • Choose a content champion [23:51]
  • I challenge you! [26:18]

The Challenge: Over the next month I’m challenging you, (even if this is in the future) to produce and publish content every day. It’s a practice in doing away with perfectionism and the fear of judgement, and building a content mindset of keeping it front and centre with everything we do. Join me in this challenge by using the hashtag #contentmindsetchallenge in your posts!

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