The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 003

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One of the biggest reasons nonprofits aren’t creating more content, is because they haven’t outlined it ahead of time. I know, I used to do this.

If you’re tasked with “writing an article” or whatever type of content piece it is, sitting down at your desk and starting from zero, with no ideas or plan can make you pull your hair out. You’ll start writing, stop, change the focus, stop, get frustrated, go grab a coffee, get called into something else, and not get back to it. And boom, another month has gone by without any articles.

My antidote to this confusion, fear, procrastination, and lack of momentum? Brainstorming ideas ahead of time so you know exactly what you’re supposed to do when you sit down to create that content – regardless of what type of content it is.

In this episode of The Creative Nonprofit podcast I talk all about brainstorming content ideas. I take you through capturing ideas, right to different content types and examples from nonprofits who are creating amazing content.

Topics and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

This is an amazing exercise that everyone in your organization should be aware of. They can help you create and capture ideas from anywhere. The more you can come up with content ideas beforehand, the better chances you’ll actually create the content, be consistent, and provide real value.

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