I’m embarking on a new creative adventure.

I want to get more connected and be more useful to nonprofits, locally and globally. I want to do what I’m passionate about, creating content, to help nonprofits directly while also gaining insights to teach others how to succeed with it as well.

So what is it?

50 for 50

I’m going to write 50 articles for 50 nonprofits. This volunteer project will also double as a research project to help me create more valuable content and instruction for nonprofit leaders.

I’m looking to work with any type of nonprofit or charity, with all levels of content and blogging history.

The hope is that this project will be useful to all of us in a couple of ways:

1. Help Nonprofits Share Their Stories

I don’t want to just write a simple post and have them throw it up on their blog. I want to dig deeper to discuss how they run their blog and content, who creates it, what they create, how they distribute and see if there are any ways I can help guide their process. Then I will go ahead and write an article or two for them. These could be stories, interviews, promotional, or how-to content, all depending on the purpose. I want to help them to continue and more effectively share their stories.

With this effort, instead of simply volunteering my time to do administrative or labour work at a nonprofit, I can use my passion and my skill to help them. Depending on the relationship, it could turn into multiple posts as well.

2. Learn Tips for Successful Nonprofit Blogging

I believe every nonprofit should be sharing their impact and their work through creative content and often a blog is the best way to start. I want to see what has worked for some more nonprofits. Not just to succeed in getting viewers, but what has worked in scheduling, creating content, designing, distributing, and how it applies to nonprofits of different sizes and structures. I’ll take those insights and share what I’ve found with them and other nonprofits along the way.

3. Learn What Nonprofits Should Avoid when Blogging

Sometimes more importantly than what to do, I hope to understand how these nonprofits have been doing things and NOT seeing the results they want. There are loads of traps, and distractions to get stuck when trying to create content. I will pick up on patterns and knowledge that will let me create guidelines and suggestions for them and everyone else to avoid the usual pitfalls.

The information, tools, and experience I’m gathering through all of this will get filtered, sorted,  reformatted and used in upcoming projects and resources I create. And of course I won’t reference anyone I speak with directly in anything, unless I have permission to do so.

If you’re a nonprofit that has an active or old blog, wants to start a blog, or just wants another take on what you’re doing, I would love to talk with you. Even if you’re not in Vancouver, the wonders of technology will help us connect. 🙂

Why 50?

You might also be wondering, why 50? Well, 50 is 2 times 25, which was the age I was when I found out I was going to be a father. 5 is the hour on my alarm clock every morning, and 0 is the number of days I go without a Matcha Latte from Starbucks.

Totally joking that had nothing to do with it. To be honest, because it’s a nice round number less than 100. I’m no miracle worker here. So let’s stick with 50.

If you’re interested in being a part of this, I would be thrilled to speak with you to see if it will be a good fit!

Please message me using this contact form.

– Joel Harrison

NOTE: I will update this post when I’ve filled all 50 spots, so if it doesn’t say it’s over feel free to connect!

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