The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 005

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What are we writing articles for? Your time is so precious in a nonprofit. Is it worthwhile to write articles?

Regardless if there are only a handful or there are hundreds or thousands reading your articles. These 5 tips will get more people to engage. More people to click, more people to continue reading, and more people to take action or continue consuming more of your content.

Each one of these tips in this episode of The Creative Nonprofit podcast is packed full of psychology and human behaviour thinking. It takes advantage of the way people think, and the way people are behaving online to give them something that they’re likely to consume. After that, it’s on you to give them the right message using these tips so you can change their perceptions and get them involved in the change you seek to make in the world.

The Full List of Notes and Links from this Podcast Episode

  • Tip 1: Headlines. If people aren’t interested in teh headline and clicking to read the article, there’s no point in writing that article. [0:52]
  • Reference to previously written article, titled 16 Headline Writing Tips to Finally Getting Your Articles Read [1:12]
  • Keeping Headlines Short [1:35]
  • Google’s Character Limit on Search Result Titles, 60 Characters via MOZ, [2:10]
  • Tip 2: Improving Introductions, spend more time on the first sentence and the first paragraph or two. [6.37]
  • The best book introductions start in the middle of the action, we can do that too [8:25]
  • Tip 3: Build Curiosity, through the headline, introduction, and throughout the article [9:53]
  • Why list posts are so valuable [11:11]
  • Netflix has just destroyed my productivity because of this one technique, cliffhangers [12:47]
  • Tip 4: Visually breaking up the page so the article is easier to consume [14:02]
  • Incorporate Images throughout your article [14:40]
  • Source for getting free stock photos that don’t look like stock photos, [15:29]
  • Add section headlines into your article to make them scannable [18:10]
  • Using bullet points to break up the page, but also streamline your thoughts [19:43]
  • Trim down the length of your paragraphs to make it more digestible [21:41]
  • Tip 5: Ensuring key call to actions like donating or volunteering, but add secondary call to actions to consume other relevant content [24:13]
  • Use YouTube as an example to showing relevant articles to the one they’re already reading [26:45]
  • Conclusion summary of five tips [28:00]
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