You’d be lucky to have a board member who is on the cutting edge of marketing and media. Unfortunately, most of you aren’t that fortunate. Explaining an email newsletter might even be a hard task for some, let alone the intricacies of digital content marketing.

Here are some of the best reasons you can use to try to convince your board you need to invest more time and effort into creating and distributing compelling content.

1: People Learn Through Stories

It’s a well-documented fact, and it’s becoming a common phrase lately, that storytelling is the single best way people learn, remember, and share information. This is because it combines emotion, a sequence, and a transformation. Consulting companies like “Storybrand” and many others base their entire marketing philosophy on the idea of telling stories.

Unfortunately, most nonprofits tend to try to promote their mission through stats and facts. 10,000 people suffer from… 5 out of 6 people struggle with… but that’s not the way to get people engaged on a deep level. Telling stories gives people a way to empathize with a problem, and see a vision for the future that is hopeful and promising.

Creating content is the best way to tell stories in many different ways, in many different mediums, and consistently provide value to rally people together around a cause.

2: Content is Shareable

While getting someone to a fundraiser event is important, it’s hard for that even to reach outside of your current sphere of influence. Your members and audience that already know you are likely to engage and participate, but how does the message of your work get out beyond that?

Live events are one type of content, but to extend it and empower your attendees to spread the message you should create digital content that’s easily shareable. Digital content allows you to reach exponentially more people without increasing costs or efforts. While getting double the attendees to an event will increase costs, doubling your views on an article or video doesn’t cost you anything but the time to create the content in the first place.

Content can fuel “word-of-mouth” about your event, mission, or organization.

3: Content Makes Your Organization Human

Everyone gets enough of the cold, no-faced for-profit businesses out there. Out of anyone, nonprofits should be the ones showcasing their personality the most. And while your website pages might be a great method to showcase your team, regular content shares your personality even better.

This is because you’re not likely to share about the baby your staff member is having on your homepage. The dog that roams around your office isn’t likely going to be the focus of your donation page. But, all of that seemingly “invaluable” information about who you are as people and what drives you is exactly how people build a connection with you over time. This is what turns a donor into an advocate.

4: Content Builds Trust

Similar to point 3 above, consistently providing content and showing up for your audience builds trust. If you say you’re going to provide a monthly newsletter, do it. There aren’t any excuses. As soon as you stop showing up, that trust starts to melt away. One grand gesture never builds trust in any relationship. It’s always about the small things over time that makes the difference.

So perhaps if you’re thinking about creating a couple of big pieces of content for the year, maybe you should think about smaller content more regularly instead.

So there you have it. You probably knew all of these already but laying it out so that a board member can understand where you’re coming from is essential to getting buy-in. It will give you validation that this is an important project, and you never know, maybe they’ll want to get involved in helping you create content.

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