The Creative Nonprofit Podcast Episode 002

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Every nonprofit has an audience. If you have donors, volunteers, or constituents, you have an audience. And that’s what I address in this episode of The Creative Nonprofit podcast – defining your audience, so you can create content and communications that actually engages people, and attracts the right group of people who are more likely get involved.

When asked, who is your ideal donor? Have you ever uttered “anyone willing to donate”? Then this episode is for you. We not only smash that idea, but go through 3 levels of questions to ask yourself to define your ideal audience and create actionable knowledge for your communications.

In this episode I also introduce a free, downloadable cheat sheet. This cheat sheet gives you the entire list of questions in those 3 levels to sit down with, brainstorm with your team, and define your audience so you can get clear on who you’re targeting.

Download The Defining Your Nonprofit Audience Cheat Sheet

Here are the notes of what I talked about in this episode:

  • What “audience” means, and why it’s better than “donor personas” (0:56)
  • Is your target “anyone willing to donate”? (1:46)
  • Connecting with everyone means you will connect with no one. Reference to Seth Godin and the book “Tribes”. (2:18)
  • Why it’s important to define your audience and how audiences can clash (4:06)
  • Level 1 Questions: Demographics (5:04)
  • Download the Defining Your Audience Cheat Sheet: (8:15) DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Level 2 Questions: Psychographics (8:50)
  • Relationship building and rapport, how psychographics can help (9:45)
  • Level 3 Questions: Actionable Insights (16:04)
  • Where does your audience spend most of their time and what format do they consume content in? (21:00)
  • Defining your brand guidelines with tone and emotion (23:20)
  • Educational content, and sharing your knowledge (26:03)
  • Revisit this process on a regular basis (30:35)

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