I know for a fact that you’ve had to answer some questions about your business or project over email, or help a customer or partner with something.

Some of these emails you spend the time to write an in-depth explanation, some of them you leave so you can do other important things (like having more meetings… *eyeroll*).

I’m joking of course, because you’re the type of person that only does mission critical tasks and maximizes your productivity, and email is the ball and chain drowning you in the ocean of tasks.

Email is the worst time suck… right? But what if it didn’t have to be

How? By spending MORE time answering emails…1

If you put as much effort into these emails as you would into your best blog content it will do 2 things:

  1. Completely WOW the recipient with how much time you’ve spent to answer their question


  1. It will double as a piece of content that’s already 80% complete.

I remember a friend of a friend was about to host a local seminar, and was putting up some posters around community centres in the area. She wasn’t a marketer, she was a coach for team coordination in businesses, so the flyer she had was not entirely convincing.

I definitely wanted to help her out but my hair was already starting to go grey. I was constantly back and forth between projects at work, home life, and side projects. I was constantly looking at tasks that I “have to do” that are urgent, and things that fall into what I “should do” and “want to do” columns like this one often got left behind.

I genuinely wanted to help out though so I got started writing a few points to help her refine her messaging.

After I sent the email I immediately felt a sense of relief. Not because I had finished it and helped her out, because I had a realization that my blog post for that week was already basically written. I thought if she had this situation, there’s probably many others that can use the same information and this email could be turned into content for my blog.

So I edited it with a few extra points, an introduction and ending and voila. I had a blog post in seemingly a short amount of time. You can read that post here: 4 Tips to Make Powerful Promotional Flyers for Your Workshops

Repurposing Content

You’ve probably heard about repurposing content, which is the practice of taking a blog article, for a simple example, and creating an infographic, a video, and a slideshow from the information in it.

But these emails are a prime example of how you can repurpose the work you’ve done, that didn’t even seem like it could be repurposed into amazing content and end up saving yourself a lot of time.

Back to those 2 main reasons from earlier..

1. Wowing People with Your Email Responses

I don’t think you need any more convincing that wowing your connections with a personalized, in-depth email that shows your dedication to helping, will have them excited and coming back to you for years. Hopefully becoming one of your 1000 true fans.

Don’t underestimate the value of impacting one at the core over touching hundreds on the surface.

2. Repurposing Emails into Published Content

If you read nothing else in this article, I want you to understand that you SHOULD spend the time on emails, because it will also provide you with a pile of assets to take advantage of – blog posts and content that is already 80% written and that are born out of actual interest from your audience. No doubt, if a couple people are asking you questions by email, there are a thousand times more that have the same thoughts.

The next time you’re talking to a customer, volunteer, partner or audience member over email, put more effort into it than anyone ever expected. And while you try to wow them with your response, think about how you can use the same content elsewhere as you’re writing.

Quick Action Tips

To get ahead of the game be sure to use these great blog post elements in your emails to get it ready for posting as much as you can while writing:

  • Scannable text with headings and bullet points
  • Links to resources, tools, and other explanations
  • Graphics and diagrams that communicate better than text
  • Emotion, metaphors and stories
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