Blog with Impact:

Your Quick Start Mini Course for Nonprofit Blogging

A step-by-step foundation mini course for nonprofit leaders to grow your awareness even if you’re not a writer or marketer.


Start a Blog Quickly

Blogging success is about action. We don’t wait to launch, we’ll start now, and learn as we go.


Improve Your Skills

Learn the best tips and tactics to build valuable relationships with an audience through blogging.

Grow Your Nonprofit

Use your blog as the core to your marketing, and drive donations, volunteers, and partnerships with it.

Nonprofits are focused on mission and impact, but lack the skills and resources that modern businesses are using to build awareness and authority online.

With this mini course you’ll get 5 days of actionable instructions through email to get you started with your blog even if you’re not a writer, and you don’t have a blogging website.

5 Days – Blog with Impact Mini Course

#1 - Your Blog Foundation

There’s no point in starting to blog if you have no idea what for. Without a proper foundation you won’t have a direction or consistency, and even if you get readers they might not be the right ones. The first action steps help you figure this out.

#2 - The Idea Brainstorm

Its not easy to come up with blog post ideas. This is often why nonprofits don’t get started. With these action steps you can come up with multiple ideas, and settle on a one to get started.

#3 - Write the First Draft

Now that you have an idea, you’re good to go. But staring at that blank screen can be intimidating. Here are some writing tips to get you going this time, and every time after.

#4 - Publish Your Post

Now it gets real. You’re putting your new work out into the world. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it – and more importantly, we’ll talk about how to share it and who with.

#5 - Create a Calendar

One post? Great! But the success of creating content comes from consistency and learning over time. A content calendar will help you stay organized and this lesson will show you the easiest way to create one – includes FREE download template.

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