Hi, I’m Joel

I’m a content marketer and entrepreneur who is super passionate about inspiring people to make a bigger positive impact.

I’m a “bad-ass with a baby” as my wife says. Well, not exactly “a bad-ass”, but at least I don’t have a minivan yet. I’m a family guy and I am using my creativity and experience in marketing to make “stuff” that challenges the status quo and makes a positive impact in the lives of others.
However, before I chose marketing as a career, music was my passion. From a high school musical, worship at church, and fronting a rock band, my eyes were set on a music career. My poor wife… so supportive anyways.

“Create more meaning in your life by helping others.”

I began dissecting the music industry and realized that good music doesn’t necessarily make an artist successful, good marketing and story behind it does. And with the sad state of the music industry, I needed all the help I could get. I devoured books, podcasts, and websites to learn all I could about marketing and it began to take over my mind.

Around the same time, 2011, I married my wife Cara. She always encouraged me to follow my passions and was my biggest fan, but we both knew music was a long shot.

The path was seeming difficult, and over a series of hard, serious conversations with her I came to the realization that even if (a big IF) I was successful, being a travelling musician wasn’t a life that would work for our future family. On top of that, in a sort of perfect storm, the electrical company I worked for at the time ran out of work and I was laid-off.​​

Thankfully, my passion for marketing had overtaken my drive for music. I took it as a sign and an opportunity to buckle down, re-do my resume, and change career plans. I got my first marketing job and haven’t looked back. I’ve been working in marketing roles, freelance consulting, doing web design, and graphic design for over half a decade now.
Although, doing the work hasn’t really been enough for me. I have struggled to mix my creativity and marketing skills with something I’m truly passionate about that has career potential, until Methodic Content.

“I’m never satisfied with the way things are. We can always do better in every aspect of life, relationships, business, and society.”


Over the years I’ve had business ideas that came, struggled to get off the ground, and went. They flopped for various reasons – I won’t go into them but it was a lack of knowledge, a lack of dedication, a bad fit for my personality, but more than anything it was a lack of purpose and passion. They were more self-centered than I realized even I wanted. My thought was – how can I benefit from this? And it didn’t motivate me.

I had already started Methodic Content, but it was mostly a place that I could publish blogs on content marketing. But, one day I was listening to Seth Godin’s audiobook version of Tribes for the, I don’t know 3rd or 4th time and it really struck a chord when he talked about having a mission, vision, and movement. I immediately realized this is what Methodic Content needs, and what I need to drive me.​

Methodic Content is a result of a change in mindset. I’ve always been an empathetic, sensitive, people-person, but my previous projects weren’t centered around that. This one is – and encourages others to create work that positively impacts the world, not just themselves (there’s no reason you can’t also make a good living doing it! but that’s not the primary goal).

It is my platform to experiment, learn, share, engage, teach, and inspire others to create work that matters by utilizing content marketing and digital entrepreneurship strategies. Ideally I would like it to be enough to make a living off of so I could do it full time but more importantly it’s a platform for caring, connecting and challenging the status quo in the nonprofit world – together.

Get to Know Me Better.


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