Let’s take a step back and think about why does content marketing exist?

Content, done well, allows you to build a relationship, community, authority and trust with people without expecting much in return. Content Marketing by extension then allows you to optimize and use that trust to build value for yourself or an organization.

Since the dawn of time, influencers and leaders have been using content to build followings and leverage it for their own good. The kings’ gatherings were live content that provided value and built trust and loyalty. The Coliseum entertained thousands and was a venue for the rulers to gain favour and build wealth.

I’m not suggesting human sacrificing will help you build a business, but providing value (in a way that’s relevant with current culture) without requiring anything in return will build trust. This trust, if cultivated will eventually benefit you in return.

There’s an Infinite Amount of Content Marketing Ideas, How Do We Do It Effectively?

Precisely the question Methodic Content is here to try and answer. I have years of experience in small businesses, and I know the story. We all have minimal resources, limited experience, and time is of the hardest commodity to come by. So how do we balance all of our tasks, and learn how to do content marketing effectively. We see how it can function with companies like Red Bull, but how do we create value for our small businesses?

My passion for learning and teaching new skills, being creative (I’m a musician), and an ability to analyze processes makes this world a perfect fit for me to spend hours and hours lost in. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I sure as heck am planning on finding them and sharing them with other small business marketers along the way.


Joel Harrison

Founder, Methodic Content

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