Membership Types

Choosing your membership type is important. Find the one that fits you, if you’re not sure, choose Creator to get started, and contact support if you need to have it switched later on. You’ll find a little more description here:

Nonprofit Membership

Nonprofit members will get a set of perks, as nonprofits normally do. 🙂 Discounts or even free premium content and training will be slid your way, as well as being able to take full advantage of the Methodic Cause Network to get help creating content and marketing material to share the mission of your nonprofit.

This membership will always be free, and we’d love to have you join a community on the journey to making the world a better place. These accounts will be verified from time to time to ensure they are representing real nonprofits.

Creator Membership

A Creator membership will most importantly give you access to the Methodic Cause Network where you can help assist nonprofits in creating content and marketing material to share their mission online. Better yet, you’ll also have access to the community, premium content and downloads and be able to purchase courses to make you a better content marketer and creator.

And if you’re not into it for the Cause Network, we would love if you join this community learning how to make a difference in the world by growing their mission with content. Our creator membership also encompasses people starting up or working in social impact businesses, making a difference without actually being a nonprofit.

This membership is always free.

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