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You want to live a life of purpose by creating work that impacts others through your nonprofit.

But it can be hard to share your mission with enough people, and get support when you don’t know how to use the modern tools, like blogging, video, audio, email, and social media. It’s frustrating when you put so much time and effort into doing good work, but you know it should be so much bigger. What’s even worse, is you know the world is noisy and distracting and most people ignore their innate sense of caring for others. 

So how do we break through and help make an impact?


You’ll find loads of articles and resources here showing you how to create content, strategies, plans, schedules, graphics and much more. Coming soon are in-depth courses that methodically take you through the process.

1 Trick to Repurpose Content You Didn’t Know You’re Creating

I know for a fact that you’ve had to answer some questions about your business or project over email, or help a customer or partner with something. Some of these emails you spend the time to write an in-depth explanation, some of them you leave so you can do other...

Tweet Length Changes That No One is Talking About

I know I talk about Twitter a lot, but it is one of my favourite networks at the moment, and they’re making big changes but no one is talking about it! You may have been too busy crocheting a new winter hat for your cat mittens (winter is coming, especially here in...

7 Affordable Tools for the Nonprofit Content Marketer

Running a non-profit or social venture is not without any challenge, and managing a budget for content marketing software can be daunting. Fortunately, there are affordable and even free alternatives that will enable you to produce and promote your content. For Simple...

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