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You want to live a life of purpose by creating work that impacts others through your nonprofit.

But it can be hard to share your mission with enough people, and get support when you don’t know how to use the modern tools, like blogging, video, audio, email, and social media. It’s frustrating when you put so much time and effort into doing good work, but you know it should be so much bigger. What’s even worse, is you know the world is noisy and distracting and most people ignore their innate sense of caring for others. 

So how do we break through and help make an impact?


You’ll find loads of articles and resources here showing you how to create content, strategies, plans, schedules, graphics and much more. Coming soon are in-depth courses that methodically take you through the process.

Battling Shiny Object Syndrome for Nonprofits

When there is a new Snapbook or Facegram popping up every day it’s easy to get sucked in. It could be your big break! Don’t get me wrong, there are many organizations that have seen success by being the first ones at a new platform - but if it’s at the detriment of...

Off-Topic Friday: Do Less to Do More

Off-Topic Friday is a weekly series on things other than nonprofit content marketing. It’s Friday. We all get into weekend mode and starting chit chatting about random things - that’s what this is. Although usually it’s about bettering yourself or the world in some...

The One Mistake Nonprofits Make when Blogging [And How to Fix It!]

I know, nonprofits get away with a level of self-promotion and “selling” that would make people turn away and laugh if it were a for profit business. But people accept that nonprofits are truly in it for the good of their mission - and the...

Does Blogging Really Work for Nonprofits?

Unless you’ve got someone writing for your nonprofit that’s making fun of obese children (or something equally bad) there’s absolutely no harm in having a nonprofit blog. You’re almost guaranteed to provide some value to your reader, and to your organization even if...

5 Easy Steps to Nonprofit Blogging Success

It took me so long to even start this blog. I'm a perfectionist, and I want everything perfect before I start. But in doing so I waited too long and missed a huge opportunity to practice and experiment that entire time as I was refining my knowledge and strategy. I've...

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