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You want to live a life of purpose by creating work that impacts others through your nonprofit.

But it can be hard to share your mission with enough people, and get support when you don’t know how to use the modern tools, like blogging, video, audio, email, and social media. It’s frustrating when you put so much time and effort into doing good work, but you know it should be so much bigger. What’s even worse, is you know the world is noisy and distracting and most people ignore their innate sense of caring for others. 

So how do we break through and help make an impact?


You’ll find loads of articles and resources here showing you how to create content, strategies, plans, schedules, graphics and much more. Coming soon are in-depth courses that methodically take you through the process.



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Blog Without Writing Your Own Nonprofit’s Posts

I get it. Even more so than businesses, nonprofit leaders wear multiple hats. You’d be hard pressed to find some spare time, especially with all that hat shopping. But that’s exactly why you, as a nonprofit founder or leader, shouldn’t be the only one writing content...

Off-Topic Friday: Playing Inside and Thinking Outside the Box

As I sat curled on the floor... waiting… my daughter jumped out of the box with a BANG and a BOO. I'm not going to lie, I pretended that it scared me. Sorry girl… But for those few minutes, the giggles and the laughter were all I was thinking about - and that's one of...

Story and Value Always Matter Over Production Quality

Well look at that, another cat video goes viral. Big whoop. But what’s the difference here? A nonprofit did it - and as Pamela Grow explains, it wasn’t the cuteness of the kittens, it was the storytelling that propelled it. She goes on to summarize the video, “the...

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