Course Available October 2017

Blog with Impact:

How to Reach More Donors and Volunteers

A step-by-step blogging course for nonprofit professionals and founders to grow your organization even if you’re not a writer or marketer.


Start a Blog Quickly

Blogging success is about action. We don’t wait to launch, we’ll start now, and learn as we go.


Improve Your Skills

Learn the best tips and tactics to build valuable relationships with an audience through blogging.

Grow Your Nonprofit

Use your blog as the core to your marketing, and drive donations, volunteers, and partnerships with it.

Nonprofits are focused on mission and impact, but lack the skills and resources that modern businesses are using to build awareness and authority online.

With this course you’ll get a 7-module practical guide to using a blog as your marketing engine to grow your nonprofit from the start.

Full Course Launching October 2017








Don’t wait to get started though, I’ve created a 5 part mini course built from the first module to get you started today, completely for free.

This course takes you through the 5 core elements of the blogging cycle, with actual steps to get started, not just theories and ideas.

40% Pre Sale Discount

If you purchase the course before it launches you’ll receive 40% off the full price. Once launched it will never go on sale again so don’t miss this opportunity.

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7 Easy Modules – Blog with Impact Course

#1 - Build Momentum - Overview

AVAILABLE FOR FREE – This module gets you started right away with the quickest way from zero to something. You’ll get an overview of the entire process, and tips to get started with a better nonprofit blog. Then we’ll improve once we get going.

#2 - Know Why You're Blogging

Who are you trying to attract with your blog? The key to success in nonprofit blogging is how you define it. What is the purpose you’re doing this, it might be donations, volunteer signups, or something else.

#3 - Find Great Blog Post Ideas

There’s nothing worse then sitting down to write when you don’t have anything in mind. You end up wasting time and feeling eventually very drained. This method will keep your blog ideas flowing all the time, so when you create, all you have to do is write.

#4 - Captivate Your Readers

You might be a good writer, but if you’re like most, it hasn’t been a strong focus for you. That’s okay, here are a series of steps to take to ensure every post you or your team produces will be high quality – and most importantly resonate and attract more people.

#5 - Sharing Your Blog Posts

Whether you have one, or are just getting started building an audience, you have to find ways to share your content. The days of people seeking you out are dwindling – this module walks you through the best channels and ways to share, and have others share your nonprofit blog posts.

#6 - Capture Your Readers

It doesn’t matter what you outline as the purpose of your blog – capturing your reader’s emails is just as important, if not more important then focusing on the end action, like donations. Most people need time to build a relationship with you, your email list is how to do it.

#7 - Your Plan to Stay On Track

Learning the best tactics is fantastic, but it’s nothing if you don’t have a plan to execute them. Your content calendar is your key to staying on track, and if you have a team it’s even more important that everyone knows the plan. This module outlines the core elements of a content calednar, and shows you how to set it up on Google Sheets or Excel – with templates.

Course Includes Downloadable Templates, Text, Videos, & Guided Action Steps

This isn’t a bunch of fluffy articles. You will finish this course with a nonprofit blog that’s actually beneficial for you and your audience.

Exclusive Community Learning

You’ll be connected through a private group with other nonprofit founders and marketers looking to grow their organization. You can bounce ideas off eachother, and discuss topics and ideas from the course.

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This course isn’t quite finished yet, but if you register now you’ll have a chance to get started quickly with a 5 day email version of Module 1, for FREE!

Plus, you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready – you’ll get priority access and anyone who buys before the launch will receive a 40% discount on the full course.

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Learn how to find your first blog ideas, write your draft, edit with success, publish and share it with more people! This 5 day mini course gets your nonprofit blog started right away so you can start buildling momentum!

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