Simple Methods to Connect People to Your Nonprofit

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We want to live a life of purpose by creating work that impacts others through nonprofits or social businesses.

But it can be hard to share your mission with enough people, and get support when you don’t know how to use the modern tools, like content marketing and social media. It’s frustrating when you put so much time and effort into doing good work, but it’s not taking off like you wanted it to. What’s even worse, is you know the world is so noisy and distracting that most people ignore their innate sense of caring for others. 

So how do we break through and help make an impact?


You’ll find plenty of articles and information here showing you how to create content, strategies, plans, schedules, graphics and much more. Coming soon are in-depth courses that methodically take you through the process.

Connect with other people just like you, trying to make a positive impact and learning to use better online tools to do it. We connect as members here on Methodic Content, and on social media.

COMING SOON: The Methodic Cause Network is like a freelancer for digital marketing volunteers and nonprofits. Nonprofits can get the marketing edge they deserve by having volunteers assist them with creating content and marketing material.



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Wake up excited every day

You will have direction, passion, and people to help you along the way to share the story and mission of your projects. It’s not just good intentions, it’s strategic action that makes impact.

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